SPRING TOURNAMENT RESULTS – 2016 CCWTA Spring Tournament RESULTS! Congratulations to everyone especially our big winners!


CCWTA Spring 2016 Tournament

Congratulations to everyone especially our big winners!

CCWTASpring 2016 Tournament Report

May 13, 14 and 15 The Spring 2016 tournament was held at Heritage Bay in Naples.

  • 2.5- Karen Macallister and Sharon Wilson (Village Walk of Bonita) def. Anita Bava and Alma Rainey (Heritage Bay) 4-6 6-3 1-0

  • 3.0- Karin Evans and Lori Caple (Heritage Bay) def. Susie Beaudet and Rachel Plisko (The Strand) 6-0 6-0

  • 3.5- Aimee Hummel and Diana Davis def. Linda Mazzarella and Jeannie McGearty 6-2 7-5

  • 4.0- Carla Klumpp and Kristine Laterra (Quail Creek) def. Carole Flegel and Pam Clark (Saturnia) 6-1 6-2

Forming Teams, Upward Movement, PS

Click on this link for a printable .pdf of the form:   CCWTA Forming Teams, UpWard Movement, PS


New team members may not have a higher USTA,CTA,USPTA rating than the maximum
rating of the level in which they are competing. No Individual is allowed to play in a match until
they have been registered on a team with a director. New CCWTA players who do not have a
NTRP rating may self-rate. Your club professional will help you with your self-rating. The Board
reserves the right to adjust the level their of play.

Upward Movement
1.Players who go to tournament finals 2 times may move to the next level. All moves are at the discretion on the Board of Directors. Players who are moved up by USTA, CTA, USPTA are required to move to the next level.

2. If a player chooses not to move to the next level she will then be a permanent sub on her
team and not be eligible for tournament.

3. If a player is moved to a higher division while maintaining a lower USTA,CTA,USPTA rating
and has not played for two sessions after the move up, the player is eligible to rejoin and play
at their current rating, with CCWTA board approval.

4. Seeding of teams is no longer applicable. Consideration is given to keeping the teams
competitive. If a player scores low for two consecutive sessions (ending up in 7th or 8th
position) the Division Director has the discretion to talk with the player regarding their option to
move to a less competitive level of play, possibly a lower level.

5. Letters from Pros are no longer applicable.

6. If there are any questions or concerns, please contact your Division Director.

Permanent Subs and Multiple Team Players
The Permanent Sub designation will be used for:
1. A lower ranked player who is playing up a level in order to complete a team.
Note: A player may play up as long as she is on one (1) CCWTA team of her current level of play.
2. A player who has qualified to move up but has declined the move.
3. Permanent Sub designation makes a player ineligible for tournament.

CCWTA members who play on more than one CCWTA team will no longer have a permanent sub (PS) designation after their name, they will now have an asterisk (*) after their name on the team rosters for identification purposes.
Players may play on more than one team only as space allows.

Should a player who plays on multiple teams qualify for tournament on multiple teams , the
team on which she has the highest score will determine the team she represents in the
tournament. In the unlikely event a players score is an identical score (wins and losses)
on more than one team, she can choose the team she will represent in the tournament.

Annual Meeting, Round Robin & Luncheon October 10, 2015

Official Invation, Click on Link here    CCWTA Annual Meeting 201


Promoting women’s tennis in Collier County since 1978

CCWTA 37th Annual Meeting, Round Robin and Luncheon

Saturday, October 10th, 2015
at The Vineyards Country Club
400 Vineyards Blvd
Naples, Florida 34119
It’s a favorite event. Reserve your spot and mark your calendars NOW!
Round Robin limited to the first 48 players, no limit on lunch reservations.
Cost $35 for Round Robin and lunch ~ $25 lunch only.
Partial proceeds will be donated The Special Olympics of Collier County.
Entry deadline is October 2, 2015.
Registration begins 10:50 ~ Round Robin play begins promptly at 11:15.
Lunch and meeting immediately following at the club house.
Round Robin will be lead by Vineyard tennis pros Joy Frederick and Nancy Geiman.
Luncheon will include:
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich with sliced mozzarella and pesto sauce, french fries, pickle, Strawberry Shortcake and soft drinks
**Gluten Free meal available upon request** For more info
Please contact: Rosanne Sonner rosannesonner@comcast.net 570-956-2472/ or Mari Nelson at marimari9@comcast.net
Please remit the form below with your payment and mail to:
Mari Nelson, 10931 Helm Court, Naples, FL 34109

Please Click on the link on top that will provide you with a .pdf Official Invitation that you can print and submit

Please print clearly and mail ~ Space is limited~
( Vinyards Policy- no additions or changes after October 2, 2015)
Please make checks payable to CCWTA
Name ___________________________________________ Phone ________________
E-mail _________________________________________________________________
Home address ___________________________________________________________
Rating: ( ) 2.5 ( ) 3.0 ( ) 3.5 ( ) 4.0 ( ) other
Please Choose:
( ) Round Robin and Lunch $35.00 ( ) Lunch only $25.00 ( ) Gluten free lunch
**** 7 day Vineyard cancellation policy applies for refund****

CCWTA FAll 2015 Session to begin week of September 21, 2015!

DSCN5203Hope you all had a wonderful summer!

It is that time again and  we are reving up for a fun season of CCWTA tennis and of course our exciting Tournaments!

If you have not signed up there are still a few spots so contact the directors for your level! If your favorite teams are filled up please make sure to wait list or sign up for our Winter Session!

Fall Session begins the week of September 21, 2015

2.5 Lynn Flayhart , 239-676-9340 litow@litowconsulting.com

3.0 Day: Jennifer Amaya 954-649-9014 jenamaya@bellsouth.net  or Susie Beaudet, 239-777-1562 susiesstrand@gmail.com

3.0 Night: Molly Monette, 239-593-3619 mollymonette@comcast.net

3.5 Day: Sharon Spector, 239-777-8224 specshoes@aol.com

3.5 night: Marisa Brao, 239-438-6907 reddraser1021@yahoo.com

4.0 Susanne Navarro 239-593-0296 navarrocpa@aol.com